The Mask I Wear



A colorful energy singes my mind full of heat just as a clawing darkness threatens to overwhelm

Shocked by the sudden rush of Emotion a struggle to understand and take hold ensues

One part longing for escape, to break free from the shackles of the material world

A bright energy explodes through like a shooting star across the sky, fleeting but welcome

Soon replaced by another element that clouds the mind and overwhelms the senses

A deep vibration and stimulation; fear wearing a Mask to distract from the truth

The true self wants to run, but has nowhere to go as color burns through, scorching the soul

A hidden darkness, quietly consuming that energy in the struggle to comprehend thoughts

Chains are flung across the colorful abyss, attempting to latch on and distract

They fail to take hold, being but whispers in the chaos, their message lost to time and space

Blues and greens and nothingness, adrift, as the self still burns from within

The spirit pulses, the body struggles, the world turns, the Mind spirals



A blue world in a blue Mind and lost between them screams pour forth

A coldness seeps within the bones, full of confusion and depth of loss

Vague understanding and acceptance at war with the dreams of more

Fear of the choices to be made in the attempt for progress to be achieved

Concern for the questions to be asked to prevent the embrace of despair

Stuck in the in-between as reality and dreams cross paths and the soul struggles to adapt

The up or the down; the structured or the chaotic; the truth or the lie

The essence of the self wearing a Mask as it flits between two plains of existence.

Somehow disconnected while struggling to adapt after comprehension

A deep silence permeates the present as if the soul is frozen in ice, forgotten by the future

Cold beds in cold rooms in cold worlds with only self expression as comfort

A Mind currently lost on a Journey neverending



Soothing and chaotic, the energy fights a pitched battle upon a green field

A Journey both good and bad as expected, each day as unique as a painting

The chaos of life becomes understood, expected, normal, even if unwelcome

Darkness still seeks to overwhelm and consume, the mind still searching

A haze of greens touched by yellows and blues, emotions waiting just under the surface

Lacking the strength or willingness to become more as energy wars with fatigue and depression

Unable to scream or shout, live or die, dream or sleep. The Mask holds. Life continues

Simply pushing forward through the mist in the fleeting hope of something more

Fighting through the tears, each drop momentarily clearing a path before being brushed away

Where once there was fear and confusion, there is now acceptance

Where once there was acceptance, there is now a path

But the path is unknown and unsafe. A Reality that awaits



A faded landscape, devoid of definition and yet the color of humanity

Struggling through an empty world laid bare, seeking out a soul as loneliness takes hold

Darkness held at bay as emotions come to grasp Reality even as life seeps away

A face upon the conjured dreamscape; A longing for another and a reflection of the self

Both peace and panic as the soul within its container sees time drifting ever forward

Eyes both unseeing and unknown as the Mask removed still attempts its job

A consciousness lacking sharpness but aware of the need for another, for love

The chaos of the world screaming from beyond, but the peace of isolation playing its hand

A soul fighting what seems to be an endless battle, in which it may inevitably fall

Life is a struggle… we are taught this from an early age

No one tells you that your mind is an even greater struggle

You must figure that out for yourself