A performance piece about my cancer journey comprised of a stretched canvas and canvas straps hung across the shoulders. The piece is a combination of scan images and acrylic paint which at times forms feelings and emotions that are a daily part of a cancer patients life.

The Cancer Fight

Zebra Cancer Ribbon.png

   I am a long term cancer patient with Stage IV Neuroendocrine cancer and living with severe Carcinoid Syndrome as a result. At this time there is no cure and I am proud to be a research subject at NIH, hopefully helping to find a cure for future cancer patients. My care is primarily palliative, seeking to delay the cancers spread as long as possible, and to limit the side effects and any complications they may cause.

   My condition is such that I was forced to make some lifestyle changes to minimize problems that could arise, and my life is now lived between scans and treatments. Creating art, and specifically painting and drawing, has been an amazing tool for reducing stress and continuing to enjoy life. Nothing gives me more pleasure than sharing art with others and as it also serves as a form of therapy, it has become my lifes focus.