James McLaughlin Ward is an artist who focuses on creation as a tool for exploring the mind and expressing the soul. Exploring the dreams, expectations, impulses, ideas, emotions, and elements of life is important to his creative process and a source of comfort in his life. His hope is for his soul to resonate with the work he creates and then to share that with others, hoping they will be moved in some way, whether good or bad, with his creations stirring up unique insights and ideas, potentially challenging expectations, or simply resonating with them. James feels there is no right or wrong way to look at creations in art and while he may see, feel, and experience one thing, another may explore that same creation in a completely unique and interesting way, and he welcomes that.

James currently resides in the Washington DC area where he works online and in his studio while a cancer research patient at the National Institute of Health and while attending classes at George Mason University.

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A message from the artist...

   Artistic expression and creation is a source of comfort in my life and wonderful therapeutic tool. When I started exploring my artistic side I simply wanted to explore what I could create and see if I could incorporate art into a future career. However along the way I was diagnosed with Stage IV Neuroendocrine cancer and severe Carcinoid Syndrome and had to adjust my plans. There is no cure at this time and I am proud to be a research patient, hopefully helping to find a cure for myself and others. In the meantime I have turned to my art as a way to express myself and my journey, and at times help my mind escape. My life is now lived between scans and treatments and creating art has been an amazing tool for reducing stress and continuing to enjoy life.