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Jeff PhotoJeff has been doodling since as long as he can remember. His love of drawing, storytelling and the movies led him to pursue the fields of comic books and animation. As the world wide web came into prominence Jeff became fascinated with the Internet and designing and administrating web sites. He found this field to hold new creative outlets of its own as well as a means of incorporating his interest in animation through the use of such technology as Adobe Flash.

Jeff self published his own ongoing comic book series for more than ten years and found various jobs as a comic book inker in the years that followed. He has over seven years experience with web site administration and has been involved in the design and production of several web sites. Jeff graduated, with honours, from Computer Master Institute of Technology (CMIT) in Victoria, British Columbia with a diploma in New Media Studies. He followed this with a position as Web Designer at a leading PR & Design firm for three years.

Recently Jeff has spent the last three years designing graphics and building game demos for the interactive game web sites Webkinz and Webkinz Jr.